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Learning how to Wing Foil in Cabarete


Wing Foil in Cabarete on Kite Beach

My name is Maike, and I absolutely love to wing foil.

When the first wing foilers popped up in Cabarete and on Kite Beach Cabarete, I was very skeptical. I was already an avid kite foiler and kite foiling almost every day, but the wing seemed quite dorky to me.

About one year later, after watching people come and learn, I decided to try to learn how to Wing Foil as well. Trust me, I struggled. A lot. When people see me ride now, they often don't believe how much I struggled.

What seems easy now took me a while to learn, but I am happy to share some of my thoughts and lessons learned with you. If you wanna learn how to wing foil directly from me, please get in touch with me on Instagram!

Conditions to learn how to Wing Foil

When it comes to Wing Foiling, some conditions really make it easier to learn this new sport. Cabarete has some, but not all of them.

What are the ideal conditions to learn how to wing?

  • flat, warm water

  • consistent wind (15-25 knots)

  • shoulder deep and no obstacles in the water

The water in Cabarete is warm, the air is warm and the wind is consistent - especially in the summer. Unfortunately, the water is quite choppy, which makes it tricky for beginners. Just like for any other sport, practice makes perfect and in this regard, Cabarete is fantastic. Because we have consistent wind all day and the water and the air are warm, you will be able to get plenty of practice every day. Expect to be spending a lot of time on the water - and a lot of time walking back upwind. If you stay consistent, you will learn here.

Is Cabarete the perfect spot to learn how to wing foil? No. Is Cabarete still a fantastic sport to learn how to wing foil? Yes.

I learned in Cabarete, and so can you.


The bigger, the better. In the summer, we have winds from 15-25 knots. For Cabarete, the average guy around 80kgs will learn how to wing on a 5m wing, and most women on a 4m wing. In the winter, bring a size bigger. I am a sub 60kg woman and I learned on 4-5m wings.

The right wing foil board is a big one. Aim for 30-40 Liters more than your body weight in kgs. (E.g. as an 80kg guy a 110-120L board will do). A bigger board makes it easier to stabilize on the water.

Inflatables are great in the beginning as they are softer when you fall (less chance of getting hurt), easier to carry, and lighter. They are a bit less stable than solid boards but can be great for beginners. Also, the foil comes out of the water a bit easier due to the smaller weight.

Lessons and Equipment Rental

I recommend 2-3 lessons in the beginning before venturing out on your own. Many kite schools offer lessons and rent gear if you didn't bring your own. On Kite Beach, you can get in touch with Kite Club for wing foiling lessons.

Wing Foiling on Kite Beach

Wing Foiling in Cabarete for Intermediate and Advanced Riders

Intermediate and Advanced Riders will have the most fun in Cabarete. It is a fantastic spot to ride swell, ride the waves, and use the flatter areas inside the bay to work on your freestyle.

Everything I know, I learned here - from jibes, tacks, riding backwinded, downwind 360s, upwind 360s, whipped 360s,... you name it!

I have winged and kited in many spots around the world and Cabarete will forever be the number 1 spot in my heart. It is not the best spot you will ever wing at, but it is the 'best' one. If you know what I mean!

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