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Best Food in Cabarete

Wondering what and where to eat and drink while staying in and around Cabarete? Here's an overview of some of our favorite restaurants in town that we regularly go to and also recommend to anybody staying with us!

Buen provecho!

Breakfast and Coffee

Here is a list of our favorite places to go for breakfast and coffee in Cabarete! 

Vagmundo Coffee in Cabarete

Vagamundo Coffee and Waffles

Definitely the best coffee in town and our favorite place to hang out with friends or get some work done on the laptop.

Beautiful decorations, lots of plants and a great vibe - be sure to check it out. Can get very crowded on the weekends especially in the late morning), so we recommend coming during the week. 

Perfect for breakfast (lots of different waffles, smoothie bowls, some savory protein bowls), but also good for a light lunch. Open daily from 7-5. 

Kite Club

Good option for a nice breakfast on Kite Beach. Quiet in the mornings (as the kiters usually start arriving in the early afternoon) with lots of tables to find a spot to sit, enjoy your breakfast and maybe also get some work done on your laptop. 

Different breakfast options with both US/European and Dominican options. 

Fresh Fresh

Even though Fresh Fresh has many savory lunch and dinner options, we prefer coming here for coffee and breakfast in the morning. 

Lots of vegetarian and vegan options available and also a cozy place to bring your laptop and get some work done. Located in the center of town. 

Encuentro Beach Bars

Encuentro beach has a few places where you can grab a coffee and some breakfast. They serve sandwiches, fruit bowls, and also some lunch options. 

We don't have a favorite - just grab something and have a seat wherever you can find a spot to sit. 

It's best to come in the morning to catch the vibe and watch the surfers (or go surfing yourself)! Surfing is best in the morning before the wind picks up so that's when it's the liveliest.  

Gypsy Bowls

Gypsy Bowls is located close to Vagamundo's and opened in 2022. Lots of design elements are similar to those in Vagamundo's (which is not a surprise since this is where Vagamundo used to be located at). 

They serve breakfast and lunch options as well as a decent coffee. It's a small place with not too many tables, but also a great place to bring your laptop, get some work done and enjoy a coffee. 

Open Mon-Sat until late afternoon. 


Located in Cabarete on Cabarete beach - a good option on the beach to grab a sandwich or a croissant. It's quite big, so you can also bring your laptop to get some work done. 


Here is an overview of some of our favorite restaurants in and around Cabarete. Great food for all budgets. Enjoy!

Raro Pizza and Pasta

The most budget friendly (and still delicious) pizza option in Cabarete. You won't get better pizza for the same price. The restaurant is located by the traffic light, but you can also order pizza straight to your accomodation via WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp: +18492101300


Italian beach front restaurant with excellent food and slightly higher prices than most places. It's a nice place to treat yourself or go on a date! 

It's best to make a reservation, especially if you want one of the outside tables. Cash or paypal only. 

Le Bistro

Small French restaurant in a little alleyway in Cabarete. A good selection of meat/fish and vegetarian options. Fair prices for very good food. The place is usually quite busy, so it's best to make a reservation ahead (can be done via WhatsApp). 


Mesa Taina

The only place on Kite Beach that is open at night. Located beachfront and you can enter through Kite Beach Hotel (tell the security guards that you are going to the restaurant). Lots of different meat, fish and some vegetarian plates as well as sushi. 

Also a decent place to grab a coffee on the beach in the morning. It's not the best coffee in the world, but every coffee tastes better on the beach, doesn't it?

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