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How to get to Cabarete:

From the Airport to Cabarete

Cabarete itself has no airport, but there are various airports around the island. Here you find a list of airports and how to get to Kite House Cabarete from Puerto Plata Airport, Santiago Airport, Santo Domingo Airport or Punta Cana Airport.  

We always recommend to book a taxi in advance to ensure the best rate. The stated rates may vary depending on season and time of arrival. 

Puerto Plata (POP) 

Flights: There are direct flights to Puerto Plata from Canada, the US and from Europe. From Europe, there are flights with Edelweiss from Zurich (Mon) and Condor from Frankfurt (Wed and Sun). 

Taxi to Cabarete: 20-25 minutes, around 2000 Pesos (35 USD). 

Santiago (STI)

Flights: There are direct flights to Santiago from Canada, the US and one flight per week from Madrid, Spain with World2Fly (Wednesdays).  

Taxi to Cabarete: 1 hour, around 5500 Pesos (100 USD). 

Santo Domingo (SDQ)

Flights: Sando Domingo is one of the bigger airports and flights to Santo Domingo are usually cheaper than to Puerto Plata or Santiago. Keep in mind that you have to get to Cabarete though and the easiest way to do this is by taxi. There are direct flights from the US and Canada and also some flights from Europe, including various flights from Madrid (Iberostar, Air Europa, World2Fly).  

Taxi to Cabarete: 3 hours, around 11000 Pesos (200 USD). 

Bus to Cabarete: 5-6 hours, take a taxi to the bus station for around 300 Pesos (6 USD), then around 400 Pesos (10 USD) for a bus (Caribe Tours) to Sosua (4hours, 20min) and then another 700 Pesos for a private taxi to Cabarete. Alternatively you can take a "Guagua" (local transport) from Sosua to Cabarete or a shared taxi for less than 200 Pesos (5 USD). The Caribe Bus leaves hourly from around 5 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Tickets can be purchased at the bus station. Also remember to bring a sweater, the bus is freezing! 

This option takes a lot of patience and some Spanish helps. Only recommended for adventurers with plenty of time. 

Punta Cana (PUC)

Flights: Punta Cana is the busiest airport on the island and there are lots of flights arriving from the US, Canada and Europe. It's a long ride to Cabarete though so we do not recommend this option unless you would like to spend some time in Punta Cana. 

Taxi to Cabarete: 6 hours, around 22000 Pesos (400 USD). 

Bus to Cabarete: You can take a bus to Santo Domingo and from there take the bus to Cabarete. In Punta Cana, the bus leaves directly from the airport, but you will have to change bus stations in Santo Domingo. This trip can only be made in one day if you leave very early and is very tiresome. 

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