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Kite Beach Cabarete

Water Sports Capital of the World

Cabarete is known to be the water sports capital of the world. In Cabarete you can find it all - kite surfing, wind surfing, wave riding, wing foiling, SUPing and more! 

Come join us for one of the activities that Cabarete is so famous for. 

The windiest months of the year are in the summer time from May to July - but there is usually some wind (at least to foil) all year around! 

Kite Surf in Cabarete

Kite Surfing

The best place to go kite surfing in Cabarete is Kite Beach! There are various schools offering convenient access to the beach to kitesurf, usually for a membership. If you are staying with us at Kite House, you automatically get a membership at Kite Club across the street to launch your kite. 

Read here, if you want to find out more on Kite-Boarding and Kite-Surfing in Cabarete! 

Wing Foiling

Wing foiling is a fairly new sport that is gaining popularity and Cabarete has the perfect conditions for it. The waves by the reef are a great playground for all levels of wave riding with the wing foil and the flatter parts inside the reef are great for beginners to learn and improve. 

Lessons and equipment rentals are available at many schools such as Kite Club Cabarete across from us. 

Read more here if you want to know more about learning how to Wing-Foil in Cabarete. 

Wing Foil in Cabarete
Surfing in Cabarete


If wind is not enough for you, you can also come to Cabarete to surf waves. The wind usually doesn't pick up until the early afternoon, and the mornings bring great conditions to surf. The go to spot is Encuentro Beach, about 5-10 minutes by moto from Kite House. 

The spot offers waves for all levels of riding - from beginners to experts and makes for a great hangout as well. 

Wind Surfing

Even though our beach is called Kite Beach, wind surfers are also welcome! Gear rental is only available in the Cabarete bay (for example Vela rents gear!), but if you bring your own gear, you are welcome to wind surf in and around Kite Beach! 

Kite Beach Cabarete
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