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Learning how to Kite Surf in Cabarete

Kite Beach in Cabarete.
Kite Beach in Cabarete - a Kite Surfer's Dream.

Cabarete is one of the best places in the world to learn how to kite surf. Despite the deep and choppy water, Cabarete in the Dominican Republic remains an exceptional place to learn kite-surfing due to its consistent trade winds, professional instructors, and vibrant kite-surfing community. The town's amenities provide a supportive environment for beginners to develop their skills and enjoy the sport's excitement.

How long does it take to learn how to Kite Surf?

The time it takes to learn kite-surfing can vary depending on several factors, including individual athleticism, prior experience with water sports, access to quality instruction, wind conditions, and the amount of time spent practicing. However, here's a general timeline:

  1. Basic Skills (1-3 hours): Initially, beginners typically spend time learning basic kite control skills on land, such as launching, flying, and landing the kite. This stage may take a few days of lessons.

  2. Body Dragging (2-3 hours): After mastering basic kite control, learners progress to body dragging in the water, where they use the kite's power to propel themselves through the water without the board. This step helps build confidence and familiarizes them with the feel of the kite in the water. This is also a necessary skill to recover a lost board and especially important in a place like Cabarete, where the water is deep.

  3. Water Start (3-4 hours): Once comfortable with body dragging, learners begin practicing the water start, which involves getting up on the board and riding while controlling the kite. This step can take several days to master, as it requires coordination and balance.

  4. Riding (variable): After achieving the water start, learners continue practicing riding techniques to improve their control, speed, and maneuverability. The time it takes to become proficient at riding varies greatly depending on individual skill and practice time.

A student learning how to Kite Surf in Cabarete.
A student learning how to Water Start in Cabarete.

Overall, some people may become competent kite-surfers within a week of intensive lessons, while others may take longer to progress. Consistent practice, proper instruction, and a focus on safety are key factors in accelerating the learning process. Most students can water-start a little bit with 8-10 hours of lessons. However, this depends on the student and the wind conditions.

How much do Kite Surfing Lessons cost in Cabarete?

The cost of learning to kite-surf in Cabarete can vary depending on factors such as the duration of lessons, the reputation of the kite-surfing school, and any additional services or packages included. Here's a general overview:

  1. Private Lessons: Many kite-surfing schools offer introductory packages that typically include a few hours of instruction for beginners. Prices for private lessons usually range from $50 to $100 USD per hour depending on the amount of lessons and the reputation of the school.

  2. Full Course: A comprehensive beginner's course, which usually includes several days of instruction covering kite control, safety procedures, body dragging, water starts, and riding, can cost anywhere from $400 to $1000 USD.

  3. Equipment Rental: Some kite-surfing schools include equipment rental in their lesson packages, while others may charge an additional fee for gear rental. Rental costs for kite, board, harness, and safety equipment can range from $50 to $100 USD per day.

Can I learn to kite on my own without an instructor?

The answer is no. Learning how to kite surf without a qualified instructor puts yourself and the people around you in danger. Please do not do it and save yourself and others from the dangers.

Which is the best kite surfing school in Cabarete?

View of Kite Club Cabarete from the Water.
There are many Kite Surfing Schools in Cabarete. Pick one that you enjoy hanging out at!

There are many great schools in Cabarete, in walking distance from Kite House you have Kite Club Cabarete, Kite Point Kite School at Agualina's resort and Champion Kite School inside Kite Beach Hotel. These are all great options and there are more options inside Cabarete bay (just a few minutes by moto from us). Check out this blog article on more info.

We always recommend to go to the school, check the vibe and make sure you get an instructor that speaks a language you understand!

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